Guest Post by Jordan (@ABlueNest):  Seasonal Decorating with Prints

Guest Post by Jordan (@ABlueNest): Seasonal Decorating with Prints

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For me, seasonal decorating used to mean lugging bin after bin of decorations from our garage, clearing off almost every surface in our house, redecorating and then repeating the process again and again. Sounds exhausting, right? It was! 

Eventually, I started pairing down our seasonal décor to the bare minimum. Don’t get me wrong. I love changing our décor up seasonally! Only now, I work smarter, not harder, at it. 

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One of my favorite ways to easily decorate for each season is by switching out artwork in my home. Prints are a quick and cost effective way to add some seasonal cheer to your home. 

In our dining room, I switched out the silhouettes of my girls for these summery blue and white vase prints from Bella Adele Co. That one little change gave our dining room a fun, summery pick-me-up in under five minutes. 

With Fall just around the corner, this one easy seasonal decorating trick is a great one to keep up your sleeve when the weather starts changing. 

To make switching up your décor even easier, I rounded up a few of my favorite seasonal prints from Bella Adele Co!

Spring/Summer: Peachy Floral, 4thof July Bike Parade, Flower Market Baskets

Fall: Halloween Witch Art

Christmas: Mistletoe, Gold Foil Nutcracker, Gold Foil Mouse King

A few other easy and cheap tricks for seasonal decorating that I swear by are bringing in fresh flowers and greenery in the color scheme I want to emphasize, switching out pillow covers on our couch and using fresh (or faux!) fruit and veggies as décor related to each season.  

I hope these easy seasonal decorating tips help simplify your life and home a little bit as well as get your inspiration meter filled up for the coming seasons!

Check out more of Jordan’s beautiful home inspiration on her blog here: A BLUE NEST

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